Christmas Update


Surprise! Look who has come by for a visit. And he has a some special gifts for you too. So go find him and see what he has in store for you 🙂

Other than Santa coming to town with his gifts there is actually not much else new in this update, other than a bug fix (see below), but I think it still deserves to be a major update as it is the last update from us in 2021. Wish you all great holidays.

Bug fixes: If mage enemy attacked while in slow motion, his projectile would remain in slow motion even afterwards. Issue is not fixed.

Major Update! Combat Improvements and More


Here comes the next update based on player feedback. Since there are some major changes done, feel free to comment here if you have any feedback on the changes or find something you want to report.

Major Improvements

 Combat improvements:

  • Easier targeting of enemies nearby
  • Players can now directly target agro enemies with a button press
  • Auto-adjustment of the number of enemies per each encounter based player style
  • Improved auto-aiming while playing unlocked

    The “frustrating” all GP lost on shrine activation is no more:

  • So now you get to keep all your GP on shrine activation and go back to HUB to spend all that sweet gold you have gathered. Instead you will lose the remaining GP you have not spent when entering you next run.

    Easter eggs (work in progress):

  • We are working on adding easter egg artifacts into the dungeon, paying homage to the games that we love and have been influenced by. This is still a work in progress but you can find some signs of things happening if you search the dungeons carefully.

    Engine update:

  • We have moved Usurper: Soulbound to the latest version of Unreal Engine. This affects mostly behind the scenes stuff rather than gameplay but should improve performance on lower end machines, if not blame Epic Games

Minor Improvements

  • Increasing stay time for enemy drops so it takes longer for them to vanish
  • Explanation for red dots added to dungeon map guide

Usurper: Soulbound will release on Early Access 2nd of November

We at Caspian Interactive proudly presents our upcoming roguelite action RPG Usurper: Soulbound will launch November 2nd in Early Access on Steam for Windows PC.

“Absorb my power and glory shall be yours.” – The Usurper King

Usurper: Soulbound
 is a challenging Souls-like game where players are trapped without a physical body in a horrifying dimension and must possess the bodies of their enemies and other heroes alike as they fight their way back. Use the power of the Usurper to fight your way through horrifyingly beautiful planes of existence and possess your enemies to undo what has been done.

“From even the greatest of horrors irony is seldom absent.” – H.P Lovecraft


  • Action RPG experience with tough but fair Souls-like combat
  • Enjoy the game in great company with local co-op!
  • Unique usurping ability to possess enemies and gain new abilities
  • Mix of hand-crafted and randomly generated environments

Why Early Access?
It all started in 2018 when a programmer and a 3D artist started communicating over Facebook about their common interest and love for the Souls-Like genre and how they would like to make their own game paying homage to the genre. Since then the idea has evolved to the roguelite action RPG Usurper: Soulbound. Our public demo has received a lot of positive feedback so far however as a team of two people working on Usurper, we have our shortcomings and we believe getting the players involved during the development process sooner rather than later and developing the game through feedback is the best way of making sure we can give them the best experience possible.


Wizard Bros – New Environment Update Patch

Introducing a new environment with new traps to the game. The new environment has two levels at the moment. More levels will be added to the new environment in the coming updates.

There are also a bunch of minor changes and bug fixes:

New Features
– Updated player select menu
– Player fire won’t block projectiles anymore

Fixed – Player getting stuck in the floor on respawn
Fixed – Key getting destroyed when hit by projectile