Usurper: Soulbound Update

Patch Here comes a list of changes since the last update including a new special shield, guard counters and various bug fixes. See below for more info: Improvements New Special Equipment: yet another special equipment that can be found in the dungeons. So far all special equipment have been weapons but this one is aContinue reading “Usurper: Soulbound Update”

Usurper: Soulbound Update

Patch Here comes the next patch which includes a bunch of new features such as a new Dungeon Mini Boss and a special Easter Egg to prepare for the upcoming holidays. See below for more info. Improvments New Dungeon Mini Boss: An even bigger dude to replace the previous big dude as the second floorContinue reading “Usurper: Soulbound Update”

Major Update! Combat Improvements and More

Patch Here comes the next update based on player feedback. Since there are some major changes done, feel free to comment here if you have any feedback on the changes or find something you want to report. Major Improvements  Combat improvements: Easier targeting of enemies nearby Players can now directly target agro enemies withContinue reading “Major Update! Combat Improvements and More”

Update! New Game Plus

New Game Plus is here! After finishing the early access content players unlock and can continue playing the game in New Game Plus mode. There are also some other minor improvements such as changing the animations for magic dagger while using a shield to faster ones and changing some enemy placements in the dungeon secondContinue reading “Update! New Game Plus”

Usurper: Soulbound will release on Early Access 2nd of November

We at Caspian Interactive proudly presents our upcoming roguelite action RPG Usurper: Soulbound will launch November 2nd in Early Access on Steam for Windows PC. “Absorb my power and glory shall be yours.” – The Usurper King Usurper: Soulbound is a challenging Souls-like game where players are trapped without a physical body in a horrifying dimension and must possess the bodies of their enemies and otherContinue reading “Usurper: Soulbound will release on Early Access 2nd of November”