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Kim Haug
Community Manager & Game-Critic

The three “T’s”

Things Takes Time

It began with Pac Man on the Atari 5800 and Croc on PlayStation. Since then I loved video games and could only dream of working with video games. I joined a video game magazine as a game reviewer. After a few years within that magazine I started up my very own game magazine as a hobby along my day job. Not only could I write about the games I love, but I also got to create a huge network “behind closed doors” and also build my personal experience within a lot of different fields. I managed to get an internship here with Caspian Interactive working and learning a lot from the incredible Community Manager Anna who has a lot of experience from the industry. 

Well, I could provide a HUGE list on this question, so I can try to shorten it up to four titles/series. Call of Duty series (Yes I know, shocker!), Assassin’s Creed series, Pokêmon series, Crash Bandicoot (the OG).

Be yourself and kind, and good things might happen to you.
Never give up, even though things might look hard.

Sohrab Azar
Development lead & code junkie

Roads were made for journeys, not destinations

It all started one faithful day when I broke my leg during martial arts sparring.

I am a gamer that spent countless hours with my Sega genesis, PS1 and later on my dad’s PC while other kids played outside. As the years went by I got into martial arts and got a career as an engineer. This meant less time for games.

After breaking my leg I was told that I could not do my awesome ninja moves for a while.

As I was sitting at home, utterly miserable, I came across an ad for a software called game maker studio. I started playing around with it and oddly enough it brought back the same feeling of almost orgasmic enjoyment that I would get while playing games when I was younger. I have been at it for six years now.

Usurper started as a personal project called Shahname, inspired by Dark souls and Persian mythology. I started talking to Corey online and the idea slowly morphed into the game that you see today. 

Corey Matthews
Digital artist & man with fancy setup

If you do what you love, you will never work a day again

I have done many odd jobs in my early career as a digital artist. I worked on mobile platforms and on AR animations for a Funded Comic Book (Mind Control) on Kickstarter.

The highest profile job I had was working on a licensed Star Wars product. I never would have thought I would be where I am now 10 years ago but I continued to work at it and now I am a full time artist.

I met Sohrab through an indie game developer page where he was looking for feedback a few years back . We ended up talking often and becoming fast friends.

I inquired if I could help on a project that ended up evolving into Usurper. We chat all the time during the week and once a week we have a 2-3 hour meeting about where we are and how we are both doing.

It’s been really fun so far and we cannot wait to share our vision with the world!

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We are always available for gaming enthusiasts!
Right now we are looking for Marketing Interns, so if you wish to learn about marketing in the gaming industry from a professional, reach out to us!

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