New Level Available Now! Take on the Forest

Major Update

It has been a little while seen the last update but we are back with a Major Update. The update includes a New Playable Area (The Forest) with New Bodies to Usurp, as well as several other improvements and bug fixes.


  • New Level: Now you have access to The Forest with enemies/bodies to posses and several new weapons to use, and most importantly, new stuff to break. The area is accessed through the HUB. But you will need to be level 8 or above to be able to enter.
  • Usurp Menu Redesign: Usurp menu is redesigned to look easier on the eyes as well as easier to navigate. Each body is seen in full and the weapons each body hold are seen as well to help decide which one to choose.
  • Faster attack animation rates : Attack animations are adjusted to create a smoother combat experience.
  • Vendor Menu Navigation: Auto scrolling is removed when using keyboard and mouse so you can use mouse wheel to scroll the menu without interference. Auto scrolling speed reduced to a comfortable speed for controller.
  • Stat-Screen Update: Player stat-screen in Usurp Menu is less cluttered now as some of the less useful information is removed.
  • Skill points left in level: As more than one portal is accessible in the HUB, the number of skill points in each level is shown to help players decide which level they want to travel to next.
  • Stamina Not Used Outside Combat: This allows players to sprint when not in combat so they can navigate the dungeons faster when not fighting.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed – Ranged enemies would not be staggered by lightning. Now they do, unless they have a magical shield.
  • Fixed – On usurping a new body, all weapons would carry over from previous body regardless of the new bodies weight carry limit. Now the weapons over the limit are dropped on the floor.
  • Fixed – Changing weapons with controller would happen very fast and result in jittery animation. Now the speed is limited to create a more smooth experience.
  • Fixed – Dash animations were the same for all weapons. Now weapons have their own dash animation.
  • Fixed – Sprint animations for Mage and Knight were not correct. Now they are fixed to look as they should.
  • Fixed – Sometimes death animation was not played on enemy death.

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