Usurper: Soulbound Update


Here comes a list of changes since the last update including a new special shield, guard counters and various bug fixes. See below for more info:


  • New Special Equipment: yet another special equipment that can be found in the dungeons. So far all special equipment have been weapons but this one is a shield.
  • Guard Counter: Speaking of shields, you can do a guard counter with you shield now (you can probably tell which game I have been playing a lot of lately). When blocking, you can now do a powerful counter by attacking right after a hit is blocked.
  • Attack Animation Improvements: A couple of different weapons attack animations have been tweaked to make them faster and feel more impactful.
  • Change weapons button: Change weapon button on game-pad was mapped to D-Pad down before which would make it difficult to switch weapons mid combat. Now it is mapped to right sick down which should make this much easier.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – When shield would absorb damage and lose durability, in the button left corner of the screen , this would be reflected on the equipped weapon. Now the equipped shield icon is shown.
  • Fixed – Player would rotate sometimes rotate to a random direction after lock off from a target.
  • Fixed – Player could do parry counter without parrying an actual attack. Now you have to parry the attack to do the parry counter.
  • Fixed – Player would rotate upwards sometimes when they used the Mighty Sword special ability.
  • Fixed – Damage feedback would not show when enemy was not staggered by an attack. Now it does regardless of enemy stagger state.
  • Fixed – Tutorials would be shown repeatedly in the prologue area. Now they are shown only once.

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