Usurper: Soulbound Update


Here comes the next patch which includes a bunch of new features such as a new Dungeon Mini Boss and a special Easter Egg to prepare for the upcoming holidays. See below for more info.


  • New Dungeon Mini Boss: An even bigger dude to replace the previous big dude as the second floor mini boss.
  • New Easter Egg: As the Easter holidays are almost here, a new Easter Egg room with a unique weapon has been added in the dungeons. I think many of players would recognize and enjoy this one but I don’t want to spoil it more (hint: look at the update image carefully).
  • Secret Reveal Scroll : And to help players find the Easter Eggs and other secret, Mini Bosses now have a chance of dropping a scroll on death which reveals the location of a secret in the dungeon.
  • New Poise System: Aside from regular damage, players now take poise damage from enemy attacks which affects them differently based on how much poise they have. Poise can be increased by possessing bodies with higher poise or using magic.
  • Kick poise damage adjustment: Previously kick would throw back all enemies except mini bosses. Now based on player poise and enemy resistance stats they might be just staggered and not thrown.
  • Poise Buff Spell: New magic scroll that temporarily increase player poise damage on for all attacks.


  • Fixed – Weapon sometimes would take twice or more damage on a single hit which would make them break quickly. Now weapons take damage only once time per hit.
  • Fixed – Boss doors in floor 2 would not show their level requirements.

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