Usurper: Soulbound Update


Here comes the first update of 2022. As you might have noticed Santa had stayed in the HUB world a bit longer than he should have. The truth is he wanted to leave earlier but I was unfortunately pretty sick and could not send him on his way. But I am back on my feet and have sent Santa on his way.

Even though Santa is gone, the candy cane weapon that was introduced in the previous patch is still available. Players that got the weapon from Santa get to keep it. And for new players it can be found in one of the Easter Egg Rooms in the dungeons.


  • Gestures: Players can now use gestures which is especially fun when fighting a friend. You can trigger them by pressing the “x” on the keyboard or “select” button on the controller. At the moment there are only two but more will be added in future updates.
  • Special weapons: These are unique weapons that can be found in special rooms in the dungeons that require some exploration to find. So far there is one such weapon which is Santa’s Candy cane but more weapons will be added in the coming updates.
  • Equipment carry over: This is something that was added in a previous patch that was not announced so it will be mentioned here. Previously you would lose your weapon on usurping a new body but now they carry over.
  • Summoned player attributes: Previously the second player would get full health and usurp might on summon. But now it will get the same amount as the main player to balance the game.

Bug fixes

  • Double shields: Fixed issue with player having a shield stuck in their head when usurping a body with a shield when they already had a shield

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