Major Update! Combat Improvements and More


Here comes the next update based on player feedback. Since there are some major changes done, feel free to comment here if you have any feedback on the changes or find something you want to report.

Major Improvements

 Combat improvements:

  • Easier targeting of enemies nearby
  • Players can now directly target agro enemies with a button press
  • Auto-adjustment of the number of enemies per each encounter based player style
  • Improved auto-aiming while playing unlocked

    The “frustrating” all GP lost on shrine activation is no more:

  • So now you get to keep all your GP on shrine activation and go back to HUB to spend all that sweet gold you have gathered. Instead you will lose the remaining GP you have not spent when entering you next run.

    Easter eggs (work in progress):

  • We are working on adding easter egg artifacts into the dungeon, paying homage to the games that we love and have been influenced by. This is still a work in progress but you can find some signs of things happening if you search the dungeons carefully.

    Engine update:

  • We have moved Usurper: Soulbound to the latest version of Unreal Engine. This affects mostly behind the scenes stuff rather than gameplay but should improve performance on lower end machines, if not blame Epic Games

Minor Improvements

  • Increasing stay time for enemy drops so it takes longer for them to vanish
  • Explanation for red dots added to dungeon map guide

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