Hello world!

Social distancing

It’s very important. Just look at how responsible they are in the game.

If you haven’t social distanced properly, we will supply you with a check list.

Got kids?

Avoid them as per norm…

  • Don’t share towels with your friends, no matter how many times they beg
  • Sneezing is not your soul escaping, that’s fake news
  • Keep your finger nails short. This way you will avoid randomly scratching people wolverine!
  • Don’t visit old people – now you have a LEGIT reason to not visit them
  • Stay indoors, business as usual for some of you
  • Wash your hands and you will be the true MVP

Go forth, stay healthy and avoid humans! And minks, something rotten is going on in Denmark.

Published by anjobanjo

How can I ever choose a few sentences to describe poor ol' me? I am happy to be here!

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